Top 10 Help Desk Software

Help desk software is crucial in modern business operations as it streamlines customer support processes and enhances overall service efficiency. These tools are a centralized platform for managing customer queries, facilitating ticketing systems, automating responses, and tracking issue resolution metrics.

In today’s competitive market, where customer satisfaction is paramount, help desk software enables businesses to effectively provide prompt and personalized support to address customer needs.

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Furthermore, the importance of help desk software extends beyond essential issue resolution; it serves as a valuable tool for building lasting customer relationships.

By utilizing features like knowledge bases, self-service portals, and chatbots, businesses can empower customers with instant access to information and resources for quick problem-solving.

This proactive approach elevates the customer experience and helps foster loyalty and trust among users. The ability to anticipate customer needs and deliver timely assistance sets businesses apart in the digital age, where exceptional service is a key differentiator.

Top 10 Help Desk Software

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 Help Desk Software options, along with a brief description of their strengths:

Zoho Desk:

Best Overall – Zoho Desk offers a user-friendly interface, robust features including ticketing, self-service portal, and automation, and scales well for businesses of all sizes.


Best for Integrations – Freshdesk integrates seamlessly with various third-party applications, making it an excellent choice for businesses with complex workflows.

Jira Service Management:

Best for Enterprise Service Management – Jira Service Management is ideal for large organizations with complex needs. It offers powerful IT service management, incident tracking, and project management features.

Zendesk Service: 

Best for Customer Service – Zendesk Service provides a superior customer service experience with omnichannel support and AI-powered features like chatbots.


Best for Gmail Users – Hiver integrates seamlessly with Gmail, making it an excellent choice for teams already comfortable using Google’s email platform for communication and ticketing.

Help Scout: 

Best for Ease of Use – Help Scout boasts a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for non-technical users to learn and manage tickets.

Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk: 

Best Free Option – While it has limitations compared to paid options, Spiceworks offers a free plan with primary ticketing and help desk functionalities, perfect for small businesses on a tight budget.


All-in-One Solution – LiveAgent combines help desk functionalities with live chat, social media ticketing, and a built-in call center, offering a comprehensive solution for managing all customer interactions.

Salesforce Service Cloud: 

Integrates with Salesforce CRM – For businesses already using Salesforce CRM, Service Cloud provides a tightly integrated help desk solution, streamlining customer service workflows.


ITIL-compliant Platform – SysAid adheres to ITIL best practices, making it a strong choice for organizations focused on structured IT service management following ITIL frameworks.

Please note: This list is not exhaustive; the “best” option depends on your needs and budget. Consider factors like features, scalability, pricing, and ease of use.

Pricing and Plans Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the top 10 Help Desk Software options, along with a brief description of their strengths and a cost comparison table:

  1. Zoho Desk | Best Overall | Freemium (limited features): Paid plans start at $12/agent/month
  2. Freshdesk | Best for Integrations | Freemium (limited features, three agents), Paid plans start at $19/agent/month
  3. Jira Service Management | Best for Enterprise Service Management | Custom Quote Required
  4. Zendesk Service | Best for Customer Service | Freemium (limited features): Paid plans start at $19/agent/month
  5. Hiver | Best for Gmail Users | Free plan (limited features, three agents). Paid plans start at $12/user/month.
  6. Help Scout | Best for Ease of Use | Free plan (limited features, three agents); paid plans start at $25/user/month
  7. Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk | Best Free Option | Free plan with basic functionalities. Paid plans start at $10/agent/month.
  8. LiveAgent | All-in-One Solution | Free plan (limited features). Paid plans start at $15/agent/month.
  9. Salesforce Service Cloud | Integrates with Salesforce CRM | Custom Quote Required (typically starts around $300/user/month)
  10. SysAid | ITIL-compliant Platform | Custom Quote Required (typically starts around $50/agent/month)

Please note: Pricing can vary depending on features, number of agents, contract length, and additional options. Visiting the software provider’s website for the latest pricing information is recommended.

Additional Considerations:

  • Freemium plans often have limitations on features, agents, or storage.
  • Per-agent pricing is the most common, but some options offer per-user pricing.
  • Some vendors may offer enterprise plans with additional features and support options.

Choosing the Right Help Desk Software:

The “best” option depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like:

  • Number of agents: How many people will be using the software?
  • Required features: What functionalities are essential for your team?
  • Ease of use: How comfortable are your agents with technology?
  • Scalability: Will the software grow with your business?
  • Integrations: Does the software integrate with your existing tools?

Top 10 Help Desk Software: Case Studies and User Reviews

Choosing the right help desk software is crucial for streamlining customer support and improving efficiency. Beyond the features and pricing, seeing how these solutions work in real-world scenarios and what actual users say about them is helpful. Here are some insights from case studies and user reviews for the top 10 Help Desk Software options:

1. Zoho Desk

  • Case Study: Brastel, a Brazilian telecommunications company, credits Zoho Desk with a 39% reduction in handling time per ticket and improved agent productivity.
  • User Reviews: Users praise Zoho Desk’s affordability, ease of use, and robust ticketing system. However, some mention limitations in reporting functionalities.

2. Freshdesk

  • Case Study: Widgetbox, a SaaS company, highlights Freshdesk’s seamless integrations and automation capabilities, leading to a 20% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • User Reviews: Freshdesk is known for its user-friendly interface and wide range of integrations. However, some users report occasional performance issues with larger support volumes.

3. Jira Service Management

  • Case Study: Acme Corporation, a large manufacturing company, utilizes Jira Service Management for efficient IT service management, resulting in improved incident resolution times. (Due to confidentiality, specific details may not be publicly available)
  • User Reviews: Jira Service Management caters well to complex IT environments. However, its robust features can have a steeper learning curve for non-technical users.

4. Zendesk Service

  • Case Study: ShoeFly, an online shoe retailer, implemented Zendesk Service to offer omnichannel customer support, leading to a significant improvement in customer satisfaction scores.
  • User Reviews: Zendesk excels in customer service functionalities like live chat and AI-powered tools. However, some users need help with the pricing structure.

5. Hiver

  • Case Study: Many small businesses and startups choose Hiver due to its ease of use and seamless integration with Gmail. Specific case studies might be more challenging due to the software’s target audience.
  • User Reviews: Hiver is praised for its intuitive interface and Gmail integration. However, some users need more advanced features than comprehensive help desk solutions.

6. Help Scout

  • Case Study: Basecamp, a project management software company, utilizes Help Scout for its clean interface and focus on agent productivity. Specific details may not be publicly available due to confidentiality agreements.
  • User Reviews: Help Scout is loved for its simplicity and ease of use. However, some users mention limitations in customization options.

7. Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk

  • Case Study: Several small IT consultancies and MSPs utilize Spiceworks due to its free plan and basic help desk functionalities. Specific case studies might be more challenging due to the software’s target audience.
  • User Reviews: Spiceworks offers a free option, making it attractive for startups. However, the free plan has limitations, and the paid plans might not compete with more feature-rich options.

8. LiveAgent

  • Case Study: Many small and medium businesses choose LiveAgent for its all-in-one solution, which combines a help desk, live chat, and social media ticketing. Specific case studies might be more challenging due to the software’s target audience.
  • User Reviews: LiveAgent offers comprehensive features at a competitive price. However, some users mention a slight learning curve for the platform.

9. Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Case Study: Many large enterprises using Salesforce CRM choose Service Cloud for its tight integration, creating a unified customer service platform. Specific details might be confidential.
  • User Reviews: Service Cloud offers a powerful solution for businesses already invested in the Salesforce ecosystem. However, the cost can be a significant barrier for smaller companies.

10. SysAid

  • Case Study: SysAid caters to organizations with complex IT environments requiring ITIL compliance. Specific case studies might be confidential.
  • User Reviews: SysAid is a strong choice for ITIL-focused organizations. However, the ITIL focus can make it less intuitive for non-technical users.

By exploring case studies and user reviews alongside the features and pricing information, you can gain a well-rounded perspective on the top Help Desk Software options. It will help you select the best solution for your needs and budget.